Henge of Denravi

The Henge of Denravi.

This ancient place is rumored to have been a meeting place for the ancient Druids of the Maguuma Jungle.

A place unrivaled in both beauty and mystical power, I encountered it during my travels and managed to make this beautiful picture.

This place is truly awe-inspiring, adding to the place's mystery and strength are the rumors that legendary heroes once passed through here on their journey to fullfill the so called Flameseeker Prophecies more than 250 years ago.

Flustered by it's sheer beauty i wandered around the Henge for more than half a day just sniffing up the air and enjoying the different plants and creatures that now inhabit this place.

If you ever happen upon this place, do the same, share your findings of it, for it is truely, a sight to behold.


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