Veris Di Alba
Age 27
Occupation Traveler and co-founder of The Piken Square Datacore
Affiliation Unknown
Origin Ascalonian

Destiny's Gardens by night

Having been brought up in a long line of Ascalonian nobility, his upbringing made him want to follow in his forefather's footsteps as a warrior and guardian of his people.

Today he travels Tyria in search of new challenges, in the hopes of seeing the world and bringing honour to his ancestors.

In doing this he eventually decided to found The Piken Square Datacore together with the help of a few inventive Asurans to archive and collect data on the different species and customs of other folk around the world.

Knowing of the Dragon's threat to Tyria he is searching for a group of likeminded people to join him on his travels, and face the dragons and other threats together.